July 16, 2015

Syria, 2015 trip

In May of this year, I traveled again to Damascus, Syria, with the al-Wafaa campaign. Here's some of my photography from there.
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April 19, 2015

Summit of the Americas with Al Jazeera Arabic

Quite unexpectedly, Al Jazeera Arabic hired me as a field producer for their coverage of the Summit of the Americas.
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November 7, 2014

The Panama Free Speech Zone

So when I was asked to deliver a talk at the TEDx Punta Paitilla most recent event in May of this year, I proposed to invert this situation and to, after Free Trade and Free Transit, also establish a space for Free Speech: The Panama…
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July 26, 2014

Onder de Vulkaan, radio documentaire over Lisanne en Kris

"Even leek het of de mediastorm was gaan liggen rond de verdwijning van de twee Nederlandse meisjes in Panama. Het was mei 2014. Lisanne Froon en Kris Kremers waren vermist, de zoekactie leek niets op te leveren en alle sporen hielden op in Boquete. Vanaf…
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April 23, 2014

Panama President to Face Corruption Charges in Italy

Panama's President Ricardo Martinelli will be indicted and prosecuted in Italy on extortion and corruption charges as soon as he leaves office later this year in a burgeoning scandal that affects the integrity of the Panama Canal.
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