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Nethernazis Meet Their Stars

Thierry Baudet, thrilled about meetings with notorious racist and antisemite Jean Marie Le Pen as well as a string of other alt-right sleazebags, has made their discourse his own, publication finds.

Rising Dutch alt-right star, member of parliament and self-proclaimed “most important intellectual of the Netherlands” Thierry Baudet has met two times with the convicted French antisemite and ethnonationalist Jean Marie Le Pen and emerged from those meetings filled with enthusiasm, publication De Correspondent revealed.

What’s more: Baudet appears to have adopted large parts of the deeply racist discourse of the disgraced French politician and his entourage.

Reports author Marijn Kruk: “On januari 14, 2017, Baudet makes a speech at the official incorporation of his political party, Forum for Democracy. In it, he talks about an ‘autoimmune disease’ of which the West suffers. He calls refugees and migrants ‘malicious, aggressive elements’ that are let into our societal body in amounts unheard of.” This, writes Kruk, is classic organic nationalism, which inspired fascism.


Thierry Baudet first visited Le Pen in 2009, together with fanboy and alt-right-yuppie Geerten Waling, back then still a history student. A witness remembered that they came back from the meeting filled with excitement. “They were talking about how Le Pen was being demonised and how wrong it was that he was constantly being attacked over this minor detail,” said that source. Le Pen has, on multiple occasions stated that the gas chambers are only a “minor detail in the history of World War 2.”

Baudet and Waling went to see Le Pen again in 2012, this time to offer him a copy of Baudet’s thesis, The Significance of Borders. Apparently, Baudet wanted to enlist the help of Le Pen in securing publication of the book in French. Again, they came back from the meeting talking about the unfair demonisation of Le Pen (the French translation never happened).


Thierry Baudet and Geerten Waling couldn’t get enough of their tours together, and in 2016 they crossed the Atlantic to see James Ronald Kennedy — leader of a neoconfederate hate group in the American south. Kennedy’s schtick is not so much Holocaust denial but one of its American counterparts: slavery denial. In his peculiar vision of the world, slaves in the American south were treated very well, were happy, and all was just great until of course the north came to screw everything up.

rtl: Thierry Baudet, James Ronald Kennedy, and Geerten Waling
ltr: Thierry Baudet, James Ronald Kennedy, and Geerten Waling

Back in Europe, Baudet also befriended Julien Rochedy, a sidekick of Le Pen and a notorious racist and homophobe to boot. Calling him a “very interesting young Frenchman,” Baudet had an interview with him published in Dutch magazine Elsevier in which Rochedy rants against “replacement” of Europeans by immigrants and against gay marriage.

On october 12 of last year, Baudet had a five hour meeting in Amsterdam with the US white supremacist leader Jared Taylor. Taylor was in Holland for a meeting with the far-right nationalist group Erkenbrand, which is also firmly embedded in the Baudet-sphere. Erkenbrand, in its own words, prepares for the “war for the white nation.”


There are municipal elections coming up in the Netherlands on March 21. Thierry Baudet’s Forum for Democracy is participating in Amsterdam. The first two candidates on the list are Annabel Nanninga, who previously stated that she “hates Amsterdam” and who likes to make fun of the Holocaust and the gas chambers; and one Yernaz Ramautarsing, who recently claimed that black people are less intelligent than white ones. Baudet refused to distance himself from this statement, claiming it was “a scientific debate.”

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