“So what is it that you do?”

“What I like doing most — and have been doing over the years — is to just go to where I think the story is, dive into the adventure and then report on what happened, be it in radio, television or print. It’s always crazy, sometimes dangerous. In fact, I think that when people ask me, ‘are you sure you want to do this?’ is when I make my best work.”

Okke Ornstein

Like, getting on a rickety cargo plane, fly into the Syrian war and deliver aid to displaced persons — listen to that story here or read about it here.

Like, investigating investment scams in Panama.

Or travel from Greece to Germany with refugees.

Radio documentaries and podcasts

Now in production: A documentary for Dutch broadcaster NTR about a Scottish family trying to make it through Brexit. Airs March 31st at 21:00 CET on Radio1.

Soon: I became a member of Bureau Audiozaken (the Bureau for Audio Affairs), a collective that focuses on producing storytelling podcasts.

Also soon: A new podcast series, Op Drift (adrift), about migration, refugees and the rise of the extreme right in Europe.

(Photo by Veerle Slegers: me interviewing a volunteer in Calais at an organization that provides free meals to refugees)