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  1. Faith

    Steve, this is all about OIL! Specifically the deal that Turkey/Erdogan has cooked up with the Iraqi Kurds, sttiing on a lot of oil, ready to deal with Turkey in defiance of the Iranian-led central government in Baghdad that follows Iran’s orders to slow-go oil development (to prop up the price on the market and keep the Iranians afloat).”Are you INSANE? Erdogan was always uncomfortable with Kurdish autonomy in Iraq.He went as far as deploying troops to Iraq when the Iraqi Kurdswere harboring Kurdish guerillas who were tormenting TurkeyTurkey is cozy with Iran and to a lesser extent its proxies (Syria,Hamas and Hezbollah) and Iranian dominated Iraq doesnt give it too many sleeples nightsErdogan has a deal with the Kurds for autonomy and cross-border linkages to Iraq in exchange for votes for his deal to move to the Presidency and become basically Putin.”Erdogan has no such sweet heart deals. Where do you get this info?The Kurds are a pragmatic lot who will sell their oil to whoever buys it.They are not like say the Egyptians who sabotaged their economy just so that they can cause discomfort to Israel.This is but another form of suicide bombing!Erdogan is no Putin.He simply lacks the self control and awareness of his limitations that Putin has.Putin is not a deranged loon whose empire is about to implode on him as is the case with ErdoganAbsent the oil, however, there would be no deal, Turkish firms connected to Erdogan get the ground deal on developing the Kurdish oil in Iraq, that’s the juice that seals the deal.”Which Turkish firms are these? The lions share went to Shell ,Taqa of Abu Dhabi and Crescent petroleum of SharjahSay what you want about Bush ,he may have failed politically in Iraq but he ensured the flaship companies of his allies got first dibs on Iraq

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